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PDF Instructables are great - let's have more! Answered

I think it's great that we're able to download a PDF version of our 'Ibles, but it seems to only work with recently-published ones. Is it possible to convert old Instructables to PDFs also? Thanks for looking into this.


PDF's links don't respond for me on any instruction page. They used to but lately nothing happens. Availability of PDF'S is for me a very convenient part of the whole process. Is this a policy change or other?

Downloading works fine for me (using Chrome).

ANY script blocking add ons (like AdBlock) will interfere with how the page loads and may cause things like 'favourites', 'PDF' and 'star ratings' to disappear.

You should disable script-blocking, dump your cache and refresh the page.

Whatever it was that caused the problem isn't there any more (unless it was me). I thought it was from the Instructables end but ti wasn't. PDF access is working now, but I'm not exactly sure why. I cleared the cache, cookies, checked AVG, shut down, started up and PDF's are now accessible. Happy ending. Thanks for input.

PDFs are generated each time, so it should work for ALL Instructables.

are you gonna do the total views count anytime soon?

When I get around to rewriting the script. I'm still really busy :( But it's on my list of things to do, and it'll be bigger and better than before :D

The old ones should work just like the new ones. Can you provide a link to an older project that doesn't work so I can investigate?

I took a closer look at an older Ible and realized that it can be downloaded as a PDF, but it does not appear in the Downloads section of my profile. I suppose I assumed that all Instructables created by oneself would appear there since my two most recent ones automatically have.

Feel free to close this thread - just a silly mistake