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PDF download Answered

I have been a pro member for sometime and like many other pro members at the moment, I cannot download any PDF files without the system logging me out.

What is happening to fix this please


We're constantly updating the site, trying to figure out why certain people are having troubles.

Would you mind letting me know what operating system, browser and versions of those two you're using?

Windows 7 and IE 8 since October 2009 Joined your website as a Pro member not that long after that date No problems then, only started happening in the last couple of months Tried Google Chrome and problem goes away Would prefer to use IE 8 as all my settings are configured as I like Hope this helps

Yeah, IE has been giving us a ton of trouble...and we're having a time trying to figure out why.

I will say that we know the site doesn't work in IE, and that we have people trying things every day to figure out what's going on, and while little things get fixed here and there, whatever the larger problem is, is still alluding us.

Hopefully we can figure it out soon, I'm really sorry for your troubles.

I'll tell ya why...it's the devil's browser, that's why!

Never run IE v6.6.6. I had a time of it with that release, boy howdy...

I've never subscribed to the idea that certain browsers, operating systems, brands, or otherwise are bad.  Having five different operating systems in my house, and having to go back and forth between browsers available for each and different default browsers, I've found the need to work around each systems ability.

In my years of constantly changing systems/browsers, and helping people out with their problems, I've found that whatever feels most comfortable for someone, is probably the best option for that person.  It's  not about Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera, or any other browser, it's about having fun, and being comfortable with your software.

IE6 - that is so 80's. IE is starting to feel like the child of Satan. At least Windows 7 is working well.


Oh, it is. Come into the light...use firefox, or chrome, or even opera. :D

No worries, for the moment I will use Chrome or Firefox to get around the problem. IE9 is just around the corner, god help us with what that might do to peoples favourite websites. Best of luck