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PDF downloads? Answered

Hello, I'm super super new and extremely out of my element unless I have my nose in a book or I'm puttering in the kitchen so I'm struggling a bit here. I just bought a pro membership because I really wanted to download the PDF of a certain project...specifically this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/Chocolate-Extract/

I don't even seen an option to download, am I just blind?

Sorry for the bother, as I said I'm rather out of my element and I'm very anxious, so just asking this was a struggle lol.


I am new to this site and I have a free membership. So am I understanding that you have to have a pro membership, which is a paid membership, before you can download any patterns. I have been trying to download a crochet pattern and can not do it. I would love any information on this. Thanks.

Hi, yes you need a pro membership to download PDFs but the PDF doesn't not contain anything other than what you can already see. There is no hidden pattern or anything. If you don't see the pattern now, the PDF won't have it. The PDF download is simply a download of what you see on the site.

Grany Sue, check your "You" inbox.

Being worked on :)

Check here for a workaround for now: