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PDF marked 'damaged and could not be repaired" Answered

I'm finding this problem every time I try to access the PDF files.
It comes up marked that: "The file is damaged and couuld not be repaired."
Everything else works fine, including the PDF files from other sources!


What operating system and what browser are you using? Is there a specific instructable that you are trying to look at that you cannot open the pdf? Make sure you have the latest pdf reader and that you have a good fast internet connection.

I answered that on the other reply. Thanks for your comment!!

What OS and browser, and also do you happen to know what speed your Internet connection is running right now? I have run into this problem intermittently (lasts for a few hours or a day, then disappears) over the past several months.

As near as I can tell, a slow connection can cause the PDF to be truncated at the client end. At that point, Adobe Reader usually finds that the checksum doesn't match the file content, and barfs.

I'm using Vista Home Premium and Firefox on my laptop computer (3GB of RAM) and it shows my strength as excellent.
I've had this problem a number of times when I try to bring up a PDF file on the instructables...
I think you might be right ... but it said my signal strength was excellent.
Can't see what speed it's running at any more - used to on my old system.
Thanks for your reply!!