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PDFs of Instructables Answered

Are PDFs associated with an Instructable updated when an author finds an error and corrects it?  If so, how often? Thank you.



Phil B

7 years ago

I just made an interesting discovery. If I open the regular PDF for these Instructables, they do not show any of the updates I made. But, if I choose the Custom PDF option open to those with Pro memberships, all updates are present.

The PDF should reflect the most current version of the Instructable. Let me know if its not.

I found and corrected small errors in my most recent Instructable as late as last evening. That is Rebuilding a Hydraulic Floor Jack. Based on past experience, I can understand there may be a time lag before the PDF updates after the latest change.  When and if that PDF updates, I am hoping the text boxes on the photos update, too.  That is where the most critical corrections were made.  The other two Instructables I listed still do not show updated PDFs.  I am wondering if I should publish these Instructables again in their corrected form with a slightly different title and download the PDFs to get a current, updated PDF.  Later I could delete one version of each Instructable. 

In regard to Industrial Strength Electronics Holster I added an 11th step a day or two after publishing it on March 17, 2011.  That has never appeared in the PDF version.

A day after I published Great Projects from Old How-to Magazines I added an extra link in step 3 due to a comment by another Instructables member.  The PDF has never reflected that change.

Today I published Rebuilding a Hydraulic Floor Jack.  Soon afterward I began to find mistakes.  It took several tries to correct them.  Those changes have not yet been included in the PDF.  In the past changes have sometimes required a day or two before changes took place.