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PET. (plastic bottles) Are there any other methods for colouring PET. (Please NOT Sharpies) Answered

I want to find out any other ways of colouring plastic besides sharpies. I want to use heat for shaping and I find sharpies don't provide a consistant covering for my needs. Please list any you know of for me to try. Looking foreward for your replies.


Glass paints?

Excellent idea. I'm making a list so can't pick best answer just yet' LIST: Glass Paint. Undiluted fabric dye. Has anyone got any others, please.

What about undiluted fabric dye?

Havn't tried dye yet as it's quite expensive as it's become a "craft' item and more expensive because of it.

Thank's i'll try it and let you know.

You can try dying the plastic with a fabric dye intended for Nylon material.

I have absolutely no idea if it'll work, but you could try roughing up the surface and using colored pencils? It works on shrinky dinks, but I've never tried it on plastic bottles.