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PETA's exploitation of Autism Spectrum Answered

I have just been informed that PETA has a billboard program out there to exploit Autism by means of misinformation. 

"Recently, the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a new ad campaign entitled, "Got Autism?", misleadingly implying that the consumption of milk is associated with the cause of the autism spectrum. PETA is misinforming the public about autism and thus joining a long line of unscrupulous groups that have sought to try and spread fear about autism as a means of pushing their particular agendas."

Further information on this can be found at WRONG PLANET.


Yes, when people feel strongly about things they can go to extremes. PETA obviously damage their reputation to intelligent persons, but less than half the world are....


Yes, which is why it is not only important to educate the public, but also get them to think about the things happening around them.

True, but there are only so many people who will. Think about public elections for example..


I know,  but if it is true with humans as with other animals....it should still "work it's way out".   That is how it appears to work anyway, under the "microscope" of Emergence Theory.

At the very least, 50% of people who vote in elections are "morons". This is why "news"-papers have biases, who's side is Rupert Murdoch on today?
Did you notice that Avatar is distributed by Fox and heavily-promoted by News
Intentional publications?


Did you notice that Avatar is distributed by Fox and heavily-promoted by News
Intentional publications?

I didn't, but if figures....I just meant that, in the voting process intelligence in the majority doesn't always help.

Here is the example I would draw from, although not as relevant as it could be:

a crowd gathered at a fair, and the operator of a "contest" gave the spiel that if anyone could guess the weight of the calf and be within 5 lbs, he'd win the calf. 

Literally HUNDREDS tried and NO ONE got anywhere as near as 5 lbs away. 

Watching this, a fellow interested in Emergence theory, asked if he could have all the slips of paper with the guesses on them....and the man handed them over.  

What was astounding was that, once averaged, the weights guessed came within ONE pound of the weight of the calf.  

This seems to be the way things work....your brain, for instance.  There is no little operator up there controlling things....yet it works....no Single cell is the "smartest" yet combined (even with daily gains and loss of cells) it all works. 

Ants are like this too...and bees, and fireflies.....to me it is a little freaky, but it ends up all making sense, even within the chaos of the thing.  
I hadn't seen that, no;  but thank you....that is along the same lines as emergence theory I believe.....that there is no 'one" controller in the definition of "accurate intelligence" but rather it is a group effort, whether it be contest guessers or mindless ants, or crystals.   This, btw, is also how I view any supreme intelligence that may exist.     As a collective, and just as we have a "single brain" in our head, it is still the collective effort that brings about intelligence. 
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 Typical Aspie

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Dammit ! Why isnt this illegal, they are abusing their power as a large organization and exploiting autism to push completley ridiculous, false statements.

Its like the people who say vaccinations give you autism. so so so so stupid


It IS ridiculous and totally inane how much these people have abused their "power" over the years.....they did this during nearly ever "flood disaster" for the past 10+ years.....they are totally without morals.

 That's disgusting.  I don't mind treating advocates for the treatment of animals, but exploiting people with mental disabilities is a deplorable act.

Wouldn't you like to just bash a few heads together sometimes?   *sigh*

 More than that.  But I don't like the though of prison.

Its is easy for them to go and just do it than for others to stop them.

Don't you feel helpless"

Hey Dr What, checking you profile elsewhere I see animal photos, typical Aspie you are.

Rather than healthy Ratbag, I might switch to disabled Sarge for my Avatar, he was deaf and blind but still dragged us behind him on walks, the trouble was that out on the radio station land when Sarge decided to return home, he goes direct, down a steep gully and back up, that day I carried him back out of the gully and around it. It was maybe 25 meters deep, he only got 5-meters down before I dragged him to a stop. I thought he was going to have a heart attack.. He died 6 months later at age 17. that was 2 years ago.

He lived with a lady friend, her live long companion, she never recovered from the loss. She had very little support her family disowned her. I knew both her and Sarge for years, he was just a puppy when we open the new Drop in Center (he visited often with her)  but when Sarge was 14, I looked after him for a week so she could have her first holiday, when she came back, I asked her if she knew that he was death and blind, I felt very sad when she wanted me to find out how much a cataracts operation was, I was even more sad telling her Sarge was very old, after that I spent a lot of time with her, got her thinking about a burial site, and another dog.

She never really learnt how to look after a dog, but he was properly licensed and she had letter from the Landlord allowing her to have Sarge and he saw the vet when needed. So I began teaching her about looking after OLD dogs.

Then her sister arrived, telling me to butt out, as I had supported her sister too well, they had been waiting for Sarge to die, so they could force her into supported accommodation.

a week later, about 2-am, I was half asleep and suddenly Sarge was saying thanks to me for helping look after him.

About 8-am she telephoned me saying Sarge died during the night. About 10 days later I was called by her team as she had not collected her weekly meds (her sister was supposed to looking after her) I went into her home, she had last been there a week. I raised the alarm.

24-hours later she was found, she had been in a medical hospital all that week under a false name, hiding from her sister, as she got herself into hospital, the sister could not get the MH Act invoked forcing her sister into supported accommodation.

I miss Sarge, and am already grieving for Ragbag

Naw, just do a bulk purchase at McDonald's, and try to grow myself some PETA de fois gras, using a couple of the members as geese.  What's good for the gander, after all...

Um,  but milk?   Oh, I forgot....maybe it is the MOM drinking the milk (as people have been since they herded cows) 

Maybe we need a campaign that shows that, having the disability of being an NT is caused by the lack of nutrition when milk is NOT drank >:-)