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PIANO KEY TIE: How could i go about making a piano key tie that actually has keys that play? Answered

So i'm trying to figure out how to make a "piano key tie" that has actual keys that i can play. Of course There wouldn't be a whole lot of keys and I want to make this look like a tie so the keys would be different shapes/lengths, etc. I want it to be thin and lightweight if possible. The end would be just fabric i'm assuming so it could still be worn around the neck. any ideas are helpful, thanks so much!


Buy the lightest, smallest toy (but playable) keyboard you can find. I've seen "playable" keychain versions for as little as $3.00 CAD. Break open the toy and identify the leads on the circuitboard for each key. Solder a pair of wires on each lead Next look up soft fabric switches right here on Instructables. Make a bunch of fabric switches and sew them to the back of a store-bought or homemade tie. Connect the leads from your toy keyboard to the fabric switches on your tie, turn it on and play away.

i like this idea. It requires no online parts and little electronics experience.

I would use one of those roll-up keyboards that are like $30
you could possibly keep the batteries in the collar part and the speaker on the bottom near the diamond part.

Maybe buy a portable roll up piano.....cut it to size.....add a microcontroller.....program it....and add a battery! sounds simple but its probably hard...If you make one though post it!