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PIC Programming Software Answered

I am just starting to get into PICs, problem is, I can't find a program. All these tutorials on PICs on Instructalbes talk about the hardware, but not very many talk about software. I am pretty fluent in VBasic/Basic so I would like a developer that works in that language or C/C++. I have PIC Prog, but that just downloads it. Anyway here's what I need help finding: -Free devolpment and compiler program -Preferably programs with Basic or C -Works with JDM2 programmers. Yes I have MCU experience, but it's been with an OOPic. I can't use it on everything so I am switching to PICs. Anyway if anyone can help me with software solutions, I'd really appreciate it.


This is why I use avr :p I could never find a compliler

I realize it has been nearly a year, but try www.mikroe.com The site is mikroelectronica that has FREE compiler programs in C, Pascal, Basic. The site also has a great forum that has many example programs. I don't know 'bout JDM2. I got my compiler from an Ebay site for $29 plus 6 for shipping.

Just a novice myself but, isn't the software directly associated with the chip your using? or perhaps not... Like I said novice....