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PIC programming - How can I learn to write my own programs? Answered

Hi all,

Currently I'm assembling the parts I need for a JDM programmer (Simpe JDM from instructables), and I'd like to know how I can write my own software. I already have WinPic800 installed, and it's a list of 3FFF's. Can anyone tell me how to program my own files, or show me a website for it?

Thanks in advance

(p.s. its for a 16F628A)


If you are ok with programming in assembly language, then Microchip should have some good presentations. I recall finding these very useful when I taught myself their assembly language years ago. They also had several good application notest with commented assembly code that were helpful to learn from.

I write my programs using their free MPASM program which also assembles them into the hex file for programming.


5 years ago

What program languages have you written code in before ?


I havn't really programmed before, expect for study related Matlab (Mfiles).