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PIC16F84 in india , nagpur ? Answered

please give a shop in nagpur,india where i can get a PIC16F84



Best Answer 6 years ago

You can buy it from Electrokit near shankar nagar square new stock has just arrived.

Did you read the answers to your previous question?


If not, why not? And how were you able to select a Best Answer?

i got them but every time i need them i cant buy on the net i want a shop nearby.

Since you live there / near there and most of the rest of us don't, you would be better placed to answer this question yourself.


thats ok but no store has a PIC16F84
they have no attinys
the only programmable chip they have is atmel 89C2051 ic
the stores site is this
site: http://www.elektrokit.in/