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PICS OF MY JACKSON!!!!!! Answered




10 years ago

Those pickups arent active, they are EMG humbucking pickups

Bridge Pickup EMG 81 Neck Pickup EMG 85

Both of them are active.


You my friend must not be educated in the ways of guitarness. I myself am a guru.

You might be right, however on the jackson website in the specs it doesnt mention Active pikcups just "EMG humbucking pickups" and i would think that they would show off the activeness

Oh and have u tried Barenuckle Nailbombs?

nio, and yes they are active, i would know, i own it

sweet, it looks like a kerry king signature hey if u want some emg's do not buy the kerry king or zakk wylde EMG's, they only cost more, they are the exact same as regular emg 81/85

Oh my god... your joking, right? By the beard of zakk, you have met a legend!

uh no, i want to, he's one of my fave guitarsit (other then randy rhaods) i just know what his custom pickups are

np, my jackson, has zakk wylde EMG's, i tried regular EMG's in another guitar, they sound the exact same

wrong, they take a 9v battery, i have to replace it everymonth, just like the strings, i think i would know only the best tone for my guitar, thats why i use digitech pedals, peavey cables, GHS strings, and vox/marshall amps and jimdunlop tortex picks

That is a nice guitar. I really want a King V...



Ahh, but you never said what type of Jackson

very true, but their picture I have gives it away im talking about guitars

True 'nuff, let's put it this way, they are both awesome :)

MINE MINE MINE MINE!!! (stomps like a little kid)


9 years ago

Not a Jackson...but I picked this up yesterday. It's a National Duolian (like a Dobro), made in 1935. Someone painted it (40...50 yrs ago?), which knocks down the "collector's value" (but that's not why I bought it.) Even with the ancient strings, it sounds excellent...


dont u play thoes on ur lap and it has a slide? if so, my uncle hurby has one, and it's tuned to open G?

Yes, you can play it like a lap steel. Some resonators are "square neck," and can only be played on the lap. This one has a traditional guitar neck, so you have a choice.

I'm actually better at slide when it's on my lap. But it's way more difficult to play fretted runs and chords on your lap, so I'm working on my slide technique when playing it normally... And yes, I have it tuned to open G, since that puts a little less tension on the old resonator cone.

"Uncle hurby" sounds like a slide player's name should.... (good name for a blues band.)

cool and lol at the blues he plays southers goslple, lol, his entire family does (his sister is my grandmother and she has 15 brothers and sisters, they all either sing or play instruments, or both)

That's awesome!

NP. My bro has 4 guitars. A Warlock, A Les Paul, A something that is like a normal beginner guitar, and an Acoustic. And my brother also listens to only metal.... he bought a violin off a friend for 5 bucks.

lol he should get a jackson, perfect for metal

meh, I think he really likes his les paul... I mean He has 5 guitars. One is a sugnature guitar from the guitarist of Children of Bodom. That might be his fave,


Yo What up Almost like a year since we last talked.

ikr! lol nm just talking to my gf (acutlly the day u sent that message was the day we got togther)

Awesome !! the forum title made me laugh lol