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Okay, so, i would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this, i don't know too much about electronics, only the basics, i acquired this motor from a washing machine, i can provide the model if needed, im looking to build a belt grinder with this but all i need help with is connecting the motor to a power source, i have all of the spare electrinics that were inside the machine as well, if ANYONE has an input or suggestions please message me or reply,

TLDR: i need help powering and controlling this motor



Best Answer 1 year ago

Look at the appliance. Where I live (USA) they almost all have a paper sticker or plastic bag attached, with an electrical diagram (schematic drawing) to be used for service and repairs. If you do not find one, please ask a local repair shop, or the manufacturer of the appliance for a copy. Sometimes they can be found online, so search for your appliance model's service information. Without that diagram, it would be difficult to know what wire, goes to what. If the motor has a capacitor, be sure to save it too. Appliance motors are usually "open frame" and so not ideal to be reused elsewhere. You will probably need to make a dust and safety enclosure and possibly improve the cooling for continuous operation. This probably is possible, but we need that diagram.


Answer 1 year ago

thank you so much i will look for the diagram thank you