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PLEASE HELP! how do I fix this laptop? Answered

So quite recently, my laptop quit working, with no warnings or anything, it just turns on, but the screen and hard drive do nothing. it wasn't the cpu so i have ni idea what is wrong with it. it was a acer aspire 5672, if someone knows how to help me figure out whats wrong, please pm me.

but this question is regarding another laptop. I got a really cheap acer travelmate 5530 because it had a broken screen and didnt turn on. I have a replacement screen, but the power problem is not as simple as i thought it would be. so now i am asking for help.

I opened up the laptop and right in the area where the charging plug plugs into the motherboard there was a blown transistor, marked "E72" just like the second one in the area.
I took a picture, but it is kind of hard to tell the bits and pieces because they are really small so its hard to get a picture of them.
I did my best to unsolder the tiny transistor but i need to know if any transistor will work to replace it (eg: one from another laptop), or if I am going to have to find another "E72" one.
also it looks like some other components are fried, if you guys can help me figure out what they are and what to replace them with that would be great.

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Best Answer 7 years ago

My experience has been that if parts of a board are fried its usually a lost cause. Ask yourself what could have caused this? major power surge? Wrong battery? Lightening strike? Any of those things would have done extensive damage beyond what you can see. So its very likely that its a lost cause. By the way if the power plug in were all that is damaged it would turn on with only the battery, you would not have the ability to charge, but it would still boot to at least the POST. I have seen that from notebooks where people have yanked on the power cable and broken that part of the board.

As for the other one, what do you mean by it turns on? is it just the lights that come on? Its possible that this isn't getting the start up signal. When I find ones like this what you can try is to take out the battery and unplug from power. Hit the on button to make sure its got all the juice out of the caps. Leave it sit that way, dead, for a few minutes. Then replace the battery and try it again. This way it resets even if it was stuck in sleep mode.

I have PM'd you with the details.


7 years ago

it must be your charger that may be at fault or corroded tracks in the bottom of the pcb which made the components fry. for the transistor isn't there any label on it. or

did u unsolder the q3. qu2 must has also been fried as well as resistor network 17 due to high current emitted from q2 upon failure.
c23 also failed.
ec27 is also gone. i don't how you will read of the label on it one it fried.

q2 seems to be fine, its q3 that i need to know about. i unsoldered q3.

ec27 and c73 (not 23) are components that also need to be replaced, what ec27 is, im not sure, but what might be the specs on c73? and what cold ec27 be?

I believe that the transistors are labeled Q3 & Q2, E72 I don't see on there.
Anyway, with "some other components are fried" - I don't think it's worth trying with surface-mounted stuff.


do you think there is any way that i could modify the circuit to get it to work?

Do we know exactly what is damaged / defective?
I wouldn't like to try on that board as I've not got the tools, skill or bits. So I can't help to fix it, sorry.