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PM Attachments in Instructables? Answered

Whats the skinny on no attachment /pictures in private messages. 
Is it a major revamp to include this feature.
Every place else in Instructables allows them, so i don't get it.


When you upload an image (or file) to your Instructables Library, it has a physical address (a URL) that you can add to your PM's for whomever to see. They'll just have to copy the link and paste it into a browser window. Its the easiest work-around and doesn't require any third party file hosting...

OK Thanks
I will try this next .

It's a way to cut down bandwidth usage. Why waste a couple of K's on a photo that only one person will see?

The info i would be sharing in a PM is for an ible, so in the end it would be available for anybody to see if they choose.

You can always post it to a photo site then email a link,.