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PM-DC motor and its speed control ??? Answered

Hi friends,  our team is going to make a trike(tricycle) which runs coz of pedalling and also with an electric motor. we have decided to used PM-DC motor. can anybody please tell us what are the specifications of the motor to be used. also please tell us about the cheapest and easiest mode for speed control of the same.

Other details:  

Max power of motor allowed=400W
Motor is made to run with a power source of a 12V battery.
We would also like to know how to charge the battery with the same motor(run as generator)

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5 years ago

When you have ab overhauling motor like running down a hill it becomes
a generator in action..



Can a 12V PMDC motor, of power 400W pull a trike weighing 250kg comfortably ??

How UN-comfortable are you ? ?

Lets see... At 400W the best you can expect is a 60% efficiency motor.
That means 240W at the shaft.
At 746w = 1HP
You will get a 1/3 Horse Power at 33 amps to your wheels.
Depending on your belt or chain drive ratio, it will move your 113 Lb body
Don't forget the weight of a battery that can deliver that much power.

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It is quite simple to use radio control aircraft or helicopter motors that are brushless, rather than an old school DC motor. These motors are less than $60 for 400watts. Brushless speed controllers are also available for about $30. Use a servo controller $5 and you have a solution. VERY efficient and powerful. TRY HOBBYKING dot com. Etc. They can also be switched to run as a 3phase generator.