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PM Inbox count shows 1 new, but no New one can be found Answered

At the top of my screen, I have this:  You Inbox (1) Shortcuts Logout Answers Contests Forums Submit

Indicating I have a message in my PM Inbox.   When I go  there, I can find NO message that I have not opened, no matter how far I look down the list. nor how far I page down.

I DID find the following however,  a PM that I can not access as it has no title or description (see the TOP one on the list in the image; unlike the others, it has nothing to click on, to open it)


Ohhh. Yeah, I think that was me. I forgot to put in a subject. View the source and see if you can find the URL to go to. :P

Well, a subjectless PM can't be anything important, so you might as well just delete it ;->

Scroll down - the filters sometimes catch PMs.

I've had to scroll back three or four pages to find the "new" message in the past.

Alternatively, check your emails - the message will be repeated there.

I have scrolled back to nearly the "beginning" (lots n lots of pages) :-) And that one I can't open, bugs me a bit too.

Ach, I'm lost then.

Time to resort to service@, methinks?

Ok, I sent this link to them, so they get the whole scoop. Got an auto response do far....

View the source to find the url for the message. :P

Awww, I've had that bug for months. I can't find anything unread in my inbox. It has happened before. I think mine was triggered by a failed private message contest announcement blast a while back.