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Hello to all,

I recently purchased a Permanent magnet alternator that will produce 12 volts at 150 rpm. I have already made my own 31 anches blades (3 blades), got a hub out of an old air aconditioning unit, but the problem is that this hub has the blade mounting angles in the opposite way...in another words it will spin counter clock wise :( Will this afect the energy output???

I would really appreciate any help on this project...

Thanks in advance.




Not sure on the energy output if your running it backwards. Something tickles my brain saying that an Alternator needs to be run in a certain direction. I could be wrong.

Don't know if you have seen it, but this guy has some good info:

Sam, You are right, I'm building a wind turbine. I'll keep in mind your advice on the DC motor. Next time I will use one of those on a smaller turbine. For what I have read about them, it seem like they are a little cheaper than the PMA's. Thanks very much!!! : ) Felipe R.


11 years ago

From what I understand, you are making a wind turnbine. Usually with DC motors- reversing the voltage will reverse the direction, and reversing the direction will reverse the voltage. But there is no loss of energy. I don't know if alternators are exactly the same, but I'm sure it's the same concept. Just make sure you wire it up correctly (ie- in reverse)

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