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POWER THIRST and should I do this... Answered

I was thinking about creating a can of RAWBERRY from the fake commercials of power thirst on youtube.
How should I go about making a can (I'm thinking about using a Monster can. What I plan on doing is having the shell of the can be like a fake pen and shock people who pick it up to drink, so it will seem like it is made with REAL LIGHTNING! Any suggestions? I was thinking of using 9+ volts for a mild shock.


powerthirst is real. it makes your babies run ABNORMALLY FAST.

Very interesting link...is it German?

Yes. German 4 honors. Terrible class. This was part of our final.

I feel sorry for you, German part of it. Just kidding I like diversity because it takes the focus off of me when someone yells, "look a new kid, and hes foreign!"

I had plans for a small "shock box" that used a small battery, a 555 and a few other components to create about 60-80 v of VERY low amperage; I have it somewhere......it is enough to keep a person from stealing the item, that's for sure.

Do you still have the plans for the shockbox?

I haven't been able to locate them. I am sorry. I had a major mucking out a year or so ago, and lots of things and papers just went bye bye in bulk......it might not be here....but i have a few other places to look.

Darn that sounds like a really interesting project.

I do have an area I can not yet "get to" (my wife has to remove a lot of her "stuff" first), and it may be there....I will continue to see if I can find it for a bit longer.

If you find it you should post an instructable :)

The principle behind it has been posted many times here though. One uses an astable multivibrataor setup of a 555 to generate a pulsed (AC) signal, and pretty much run it backwards through a step down transformer (Running it through on the low voltage end, will alter the transformer into a step UP). It would be good to use something that will not output a full 120 (+) volts though (don't use a 120VAC to 6v transformer....try to find an 80v (or less) to 6v. and you can use the following:


can you get me the list of components for this project I would love to make this an instructable but I need some help.

One 6 Vdc power supply / battery
p1 = pot. 10K
p2 = pot. 5K
R1 = resistor 10K
R2 = resistor 1K
C1 = capacitor / ceramic .1u
Q1 = GP transistor ( 2n2222 for instance)
IRF540N = N-Channel Power MOSFET
The IC = LM555

The transformer was originally a step down 80v to 6v winding

thank you very much. :)

you could also always buy a "shocking gum pack" from Spencer Gifts and reverse engineer it :-) That is a smaller version yet.

I have a propane grill sparker that sends a continues electric arc like a taser but it is encased in an epoxy so I cant reverse engineer it :( plus it is broken so double :( :(

I am pretty sure that is the correct list....the capacitor I am not so sure of. It might be a 1uF rather than a .1uF

Yeah, I will. I have a few other things I would like to get started on too, once I have a place to actually work on them. *sigh*

When you say very low amperage, are we talking a few mA, like 20?

Well, I think it used either one or two AAA batteries...I am not sure off the top of my head. I do know there was a lot of "stepping down" with the small transformer used.

PS: When you step up voltage with a transformer, you lose current.

Put it on an lighting rod in a thunder storm.

mod a shocky pen? You can get them for like 2 bucks on deal extreme

Hmmm...that's a good idea, but I would rather buy them at a store in my town like...Spencer's gifts or something rather than buy a thing online for 2 bucks and wait for it to ship.


10 years ago

I could just always make the real can by not opening a monster but sanding it down and painting the POWERTHRIST logo onto it using a stencil and sell them at school for a profit.

You need something likea red bull can and a fatter can like relentless, red bull ca n contains liquid and is say negative, it's isolated from the bigger can which has the battery in underneath the can and is positive, they take a drink, their lips touch the outer can and the liquid is a connection to the negative...

You could just sand down a monster can and use stencils and spray paint.

Thats what I was going to do, but what I was debating is to add "REAL LIGHTNING" to the can by adding some sort of shocking mechanism when someone picks it up.

Ah screw the electrocution bit, make the fake can put 400mg of caffiene in it and watch them go... or drink two bottles of buckfast... (adds up to about 542mg of caffiene... yes I have put away that much buckfast (rarely though as I'm not a big fan) and the result is very funny, also the caffiene and alcohol content means buckfast makes you... well it rhymes


10 years ago

I know it will not electrocute them but I don't them throwing this into the air and possibly breaking it.


10 years ago

I said shock not electrocute them. I've been shocked by a capacitor from a disposable camera. It's not fun. Anyways I was wondering how to hook up electricity to the can and have it only shock them if they held it like they would drink and and also make it look like a can of POWERTHIRST!

the way he described would probably be the best way. you could put a resistor after the capacitor to slow down the release of the charge tho