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i was just wondering what are good places to buy power tools from, thanks.


Depends on what kind of power tools. Best thing to do is to "showroom" them at your local home center. You might get a better deal online as many do throw in free shipping. I have found that refurb tools to give good value. Name brands that may be a little worn looking but do the same job. Do try to get the best tool that you can afford. HarborFreight and other "import" tools should only be considered for the "one-off" tasks where you are sacrificing accuracy, power, and useability of the tool. What kind of tools are you looking to get?

im looking for a scroll saw sorry it took me a while to get back to you

In Harbor Freight's defense, a lot of what they sell is fine for hobbyist use, especially non-precision tools like belt sanders and circular saws. I wouldn't get a table saw from them, though.

For higher-end tools, the big box hardware stores are fine. Most of my hand-held power tools came from Home Depot or Lowes. Most of my bench tools were scavenged from Craigslist and yard sales. :)

Lately I buy most of my tools at Harbor Freight. Some people claim that the quality of HF tools is inferior. I learned from a good friend of mine that the Snap On, Craftsman and HF tools are sometimes made at the same places. The only difference is the finish. Snap On tools are ridiculously overpriced and they break like any other tool. Sometimes we just pay to have a brand name.

I don't discount HF completely, although that 20% off coupon all over the place doesn't hurt, I have a lot of stuff from there. I just think that you have to know what you are getting into and be prepared for the heartbreak if you are a beginner with shopping for tools and don't know any better. You do have to be on the lookout for name brand tools that have dropped in quality because they are made more cheaply nowadays.

Someone described the tools from HF as "disposable" tools. One example are the generators sold at HF. They are very cheap compared to name brand generators but some parts are not serviceable. You also have some battery powered tools. HF sometimes does not supply replacement batteries. It is like the old adage: "Buyers beware!"