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PS1 LCD Screen into a Raspberry Pi Monitor Answered

So i finally purchased a Model B Raspberry Pi. I'm quite enthralled by the stuff ill be able to do with it, but i figured i would start by making it a case. That idea somehow resulted in using a cigar box i had lying around to turn the whole thing into a laptop-esque build thing. The inside dimensions being 8.5" x 5.4" x 1.5", i looked around and i have a PlayStation 1 with an LCD screen. The console and screen are fine but the hinge is broken. And given the size of the screen, i thought it would be really nifty to disconnect the screen and use it as a monitor. The only problem is im not sure if i could make it HDMI or RCA compatible. Any Tech people think this could be done?


Check the PS! AV pinout online. It uses an RCA signal in so it wouldn't be hard to adapt a cable for it. It's been done many times.


4 years ago

You're not the first person with the idea; Google around, or ask at the RPi boards. I know a jumper wire has to be soldered in at one point.

Or just Google HDMIPi and get something with excellent picture quality that *is* HDMI compatible.