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PS/2 F to DB9 F adapter Answered

Hi. I have been looking all over for some good info on making
an PS/2 F to a DB9 F adapter.it is going to connect to my Magnetic card reader that has a PS/2 M. any wiring diagrams or any thing like that would help thanks

OK i did find this but what dose it meen when it say's 3-------------------3,9
4-------------------2,5,7 dose that meen that i have to solder a wire to pin 3 on the mini din and with the same wire put it to 3 and 9 like bridging them together?

Mouse adapter for PS/2 mouse to Serial DB-9 Port.

These work on only mouses that are dual type.

Female PS/2 Mini-DIN 6 to Female DB-9

Wiring Format

MiniDin-6 F ------ DB-9 F