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PS3 laptop by Ben Heck Answered

It's always a treat to see what Ben Heck has been up to and his latest device, a PS3 laptop, is no exception. Just plug it in and you'll be up and gaming in no time with its own 17″ 720p HDMI display. As always, the whole thing is custom and if you have a project you'd like him to do he says he can "make the time."

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 In the description you mention "Plugging it in". Would there be any way to make it more portable by installing a Lithium Ion laptop battery? They are very small and last a good amount of time

 Yeah well, laptop batteries are designed for laptops. For example, peak power consume for PS3 is 380W. Now compare this for my 13" Macbook's power supply, which gives 60W. So the PS3 (not to mention the screen for it) would leech all the power very soon.

 But they do make larger Wattage batteries. I'm not saying its possible now. But it would be sick

 Whats wrong with using other batterires or multiple batteries or mini laptop batteries. I mean who wants to play left for dead in the car.

I'm really curious - Let's say I knock one of these out over a weekend ;-) .. How much 'legal' trouble, if any, could I get into from Sony?  Or how interested would Microsoft be, "legally", if Ben started selling many of his other X-based lappies?

Basically, can a consumer purchase a PS3/Xbox, modify it, then re-sell it without legal issues?

Great stuff, Ben - always an inspiration!!

I'd be impressed if you knocked it out in a weekend. Still, I doubt that you'd get in much trouble for this as the warranty from Sony would be void anyway and you'd be a reseller at that point. Selling mods that allowed you to play pirated games would be riskier.

Are you ever gonna give away one?

Nope. For two reasons:

 - This is a custom job and it costs money to make. The maker needs to pay the bills.
 - I didn't make it.

 He should apply for a patent on this one!

If you're going to void a warranty do it the right way.


i want one!!!!!! cool

I can think of a couple million people that would buy a $550 PS3 Laptop ;)

I love how he is so modest about it.

Wow. That is one of the coolest cases I've ever seen. How'd you make it?

Makes me wonder why he doesn't have his own store where he sells these gizmos n stuff.  Or why the major computer companies are getting 0wn3d by just one guy.


8 years ago

Hmmm... me wants.