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PSP Problems? Answered

I have a Sony PSP that I have had for about a month.  I have been playing multiple games.  Then, one day my PSP would only read one disk.  You could select it off the main menu of the PSP, but it wouldn't load.  It makes clunking noises when you load it the game that won't work.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!  Thanks!!


do you have umd cache enabled because that can cause the disk read error.

How do I tell if it is on, and if it is, how do I turn it off?

Go into system then System settings then scroll down to UMD Cache and turn it off.  If that doesn't work remove the battery count to 30 and then reinsert it. If it still doesn't work send it into Sony for them to fix it.

It did not work so I am going to send it in for repairs, thanks for your help!!!!