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PSP wifi upgrade Answered

somebody needs to figure out how to upgrade the crappy psp wifi internal antenna!


What?! The psp's internal Wi-Fi is pretty decent, considering it's size and the fact that it's a gaming console.

However, I heard that you can take an RC antennae (A male one is the only one that works) and place it into one of the screw parts on the top of the PSP and this Supposedly helps reception.

Other than that, bust it open and connect a homemade wifi antennae.


it's decent, but this is instructables, most people wont settle for decent. a lot of the stuff on this site has something to do with ripping stuff apart to make it better.

I know. I thought you wanted a way to do it, not ideas for an instructable.

Maybe Sony can make some sort of antennae. That or some homebrewer will. Lawlz