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PVC Art(?) How to make PVC Art that spins and turns from Star to Square. Answered

I saw a "yard decoration" made out of PVC Pipe. Viewed one way it was a Square. Viewed another it was a star (6 sided I think.) So when the wind blew and it spun it was...a star..a square....a star..a square....a star..a square....you get the picture. Well I made one and gave it away. Years later I tried to make another and couldn't do it. All you need are several pieces of pvc pipe and about a dozen elbows (90degree bends). Can anyone help me make this? A picture of one you may have would be helpful. Or a web site ...anything. Thanks Modgod



8 years ago

i found a guide to make it :

hope this helps!

I couldn't get the picture of the final product by reading the instructions.
When I try to put it together, I'll know if it is the right thing and I will try to include a picture and let you know.
Thank you for the response.
Sorry it to me so long to get back to you.

. hmmmmm. A quick Google for "PVC wind -rotor -turbine" didn't turn up anything useful. Any idea what the things are called? I've seen them before, and they are pretty neat.