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PVC Laser? Answered

I don't know if anyone on here knows hot to make a laser, but if you do can you make a CO2 laser with PVC instead of glass or do you need glass to direct the beam and such. 


You need the glass for the appropriate mechanical stability, and to maintain the gas properties. PVC will emit gasses which will kill the mirrors.

Thanks, is there any other material that I could use, like a metal or ABS that is easier to work with than glass.

Metals might be a possibility, except you'd short the discharge with the walls of course. Glass isn't that hard to work, though you'd have to learn to glassblow yourself.

There was an article in Scientific American "Amateur Scientist"about it donkey's years ago.


6 years ago

Here are samples of CO2 TEA laser made
ofPVC pipe and some other readily available resources