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PVC Stage or platform possible? Answered

I'm considering building portable staging built out of PVC but sturdy enough to hold a band (or at least part of a band). Is this possible? jamaicabob


If you need light weight and strength try aluminium tube, we built a two storey stage set to tour with in 2005 which was easily assembled using key clamp style fittings. Whole wall sections could be handled by one or two people. Consider that today scaffolding and ladders are often aluminium.

Just about anything is possible with enough material, you could make it out of balsa wood and styrofoam. The defining part is "portability." Regular black iron pipe will yield great strength and take up less storage volume, assemble sections tightly and join them together with pipe unions, then you're just a few turns of the large nuts away from assembly or disassembly.

Steel pipe will also take more abuse, and the people putting it all together will abuse it.... Also lots of stage equipment like foggers, snow machines, bubble blowers, lasers, speakers and lights are all build to clamp onto steel pipe, and while they will clamp onto pvc the set screws will put holes onto it over time.....

No. Pvc is very weak. Try gas pipes