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PVC gun? Answered

I'm lookin to make an air powered pvc cannon/gun/bomb. I want an explosion!!! I just need uh... "guidance" (if thats a word) on how to make one. I don't need a 50lb, 10 ft long nuclear warhead. I'm lookin for small, simple, cheap, and all at the same time HIGH POWERED AND well... uh... slightly illegal, or something...


The idea is quite simple yet the principle applied to produce a more powerful riffle is a little complicated. I have 2 designs using a 1/2" PVC pipe attached to a tee and an elbow, just similar to other designs of pvc gun around but uses 2 different principle in firing. 1. first one uses a charge of pressurized air to fire it which was proven to be powerful, 2. second is using a load of a highly flammable fuel to fire the riffle just as a real gun is doing by using gun powder which was proven to be superior and powerful and effective. I choose to use a denature alcohol as fuel for this purpose to fire the gun with much strength, explosiveness and power. I choose to make a canister tank attached to the riffle. It then was inserted with 2 ends of wire attached to an electric lighter ignition system that can be found in conventional lighters as the trigger. By opening the cap of the canister and spraying a little amount of denatured alcohol inside, closing the cap and then firing the trigger a powerful explosion will come out of the barrel of the PVC gun as the alcohol explode inside the canister. The firing can be compared to the firing of a .38 revolver pistol and can even cause your ear drums ringing for a few seconds. When this gun is loaded with a bullet which I choose to use marbles as it fits right to a 1/2" PVC, this could penetrate a 2 piece 1/4" plywood or a 1/8" thick roofing material. Quite explosive isn't it. If you are interested just tell me and I will post a my design in the instructibles. thanks!

could you email me the design? im interested in this. pointman_dimple420@yahoo.com

Dear Eric,

Kindly e-mail to me your design please, i'm very much interested with your gun. E-mail at topbar8@yahoo.com. Please. Thanks


i made a pvc crossbow, though it also used fishing line, carbon fibre(for limb , can be changed for wood) and a piece of wood. it fires pvc, although not that accurate, i can be precise if you tweak it a bit. very powerful too.

it's simple. As this is your first gun i suggest using the most simple design. chamber - ball valve - barrel. The chamber, which is sealed, is filled/ pressurised with air, through a bike tyre (schrader) valve attached to it, at this point the ball valve is closed. to fire ot, place your projectile in the barrel and open the ball valve. The pressure in the chamber will equalise, sending the projectile out of the barrel, really fast. I used this design to make my first pvc airgun: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-$6-marshmallow-musket/ of course you can change the dimensions, diameter of the pipe etc. Good luck, have fun and don't pump the chamber over 100 psi oh and DON'T USE ABS or DWV!

I once tried to make a pvs potato pistol.  It was supposed to use butane as the propellant, with a pietzo electric igniter (you can find these in butane lighters it creats a spark that ignights the butane) My pistol failed so I went back to the drawing board and found out that the oxygen ratio was too low.  If you could get compressed oxygen in a butane sized can that would be all the fuel you would need to make it work. 
All you need is a length of 3/4 inch pvc about a foot to a foot and a half long with one end capped.  Drill 2 small holes at the rear where the cap is and affix some kind of handel.  Put the pietzo electric ignighter on the handel where you wan the trigger to be. Then run wires from the ignighter into one of the holes and cap that with hot glue. You should be able to put oxygen on the rear hole by attaching a coupler of some kind.  This will take some experimenting. 
Like I said, I havent perfected this yet.  Be safe, its always dangerous working with things that go boom. 

yeah u could really maul someone with some thing like that

You don't want a PVC bomb, unless you're trying to kill someone. PVC shrapnel is nasty. As for air cannons & potato guns, they're all over the site. Try the Magic White Box of Finding Stuff.