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PWM to MPPT solar Charge Controller Answered

I have an Hybrid Solar Inverter with 50A PWM solar charge controller inbuilt into it. It works on 24V battery bank. I am having 800Watt of PV module installed in the system. As my inverter is having PWM charge controller, I am not able to harvest maximum of power from panels. I want to know that, is there any arrangement or device which can be put in between PV panel and my Inverter which can increase efficiency or can act as PWM to MPPT converter for my Inverter? My Solar Pannels generates often 39V but I couldnt utilize the surplus power as it stepped down to 24 Volt.



What happen if I connect Solar pannel ro a MPPT charge controller and connect inverter's Solar input terminal to the Load connector of MPPT charge controller? Please let me know.

Won't make a difference.
The charge controller charges your batteries, the inverter provides the AC mains power.

Unless you use the charge controller to charge and feed the battery voltage directly to the inverter (without going through the built in charge controller) you will no gain anything.

But did you check how much more usable power you might have with a different charge controller?
Is it worth the hassle and money?

You have 120W that the controller can supply and 800W panel power - what difference should a different mode of control bring?

Even with a 100% MPPT converter you are still looking at 120W that makes it to the batteries.

That is, assuming you panels are 24V and not 48V.

In any case your panels provide more power than your converter can make use of.

Sure, systems are designed to even work in winter times with good sun but if you want higher charge rates (can the batteries handle this???) upgrade your inverter to 1KW system.

First I thank you for your quick reply. You are right but I made a typing mistake while mentioning charging current. It is 50A actually. My inverter is 3KW system. Please guide me what can I do to make it work as MPPT or any how can I install MPPT charge controller or any thing to current system?

The only option I see is a seperate charge controller.

Basically feeding the panels through the controller to charge the batteries and (if possible) connect the inverter just to supply the AC.

Still the best option if it is worth the costs would a MPPT inverter.
I see no real chance of replacing the PWM module for a MPPT one, you migh want to check with the manufatorer about this.