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Paid LCD Project Answered

Hello instructables,

I have an idea for a device but not the skill to build a prototype. 

I am in need of someone with technical skill in microcontrollers and LCDs.

The device I aim to create is basically an LCD watch or bracelet. Rather than time which is numerical, I need the watch to display words. It will be wearable on the wrist and therefore use a battery. No buttons or input are required for this project. I also don't need to make the case. I just need the working parts.

I envision that this will require an LCD screen, a microcontroller chip, memory, and a battery for power.

If you are interested, I will be happy to pay you for your help.

If interested, please PM me so we can discuss what I am trying to make further.

I am flexible on the design and hopefully it would be a fun and easy project a willing participant. 
Again, I will pay for your time and components but this should also be a relatively fun and straightforward project for anyone who's worked with LCDs (e.g Nokia screens) and microcontrollers before.

I look forward to hearing from you. 
Take care.