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Parkour Pain Answered

I have been doing some jumps from high altitudes of about 10ft (running and jumping off). My question is when I land my innards start to hurt like my stomach and intestines. How bad is this for my health and will the feeling go away after time has passed and the organs become immune the shock?


Also, if you want to be able to take more of an impact and be able to pull yourself up, trydoing 20 pressups, situps and jacknives every day like I do. My biceps got bigger within the first four days,and I'm developing a nice 6 pack :)

I've been doing parkour for quite a while now, i get good practice because I live in the middle of chicago, when your jumping you should turn all high jumps into rolls otherwise you'll be taking avoidable damage. search for how to roll videos

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I'd be more worried about my knees later in life if I were you. My dads knees are screwed now from years of marathon running(London marathon, tough guy runs etc). Jumping from the heights your on about definitely won't do them any good. Free Running is really fun to watch though! I loved the beginning of the new bond film.

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If you flip and spin in the air you will have more drag and not go as fast and if you roll on the ground the energy will be absored

Sorry I meant to hit spell check what I was saying was if you flip and spin in the air you will have more drag and not go as fast and if you roll on the ground the energy will be absored by the ground and not your guts.

yeah i think i have it down now just did a 20ft jump the other day and i was fine.


10 years ago

The general rule I was told was if you are descending more than your own height, you should probably roll. Rolling is an absolute necessity for jumps of 10 feet and above- if you don't you will be excessively stressing your knees, lower back and internal organs, you risk shin splints, sprains or even breakages, the list goes on. If you aren't comfortable rolling from that height you probably shouldn't be jumping from that height, and if you still do but don't roll you shouldn't really call it parkour- that's more like "house jumping".

yeah the thing is i do roll even when i put this up i was doing rolls. the pain has went away and i can do jumps from a lot higher now then 10 ft. thx anyway

The highest I have ever jumped from is my friends garage roof... 12 feet i'd say

ive always wanted to learn parkour. it looks freaking awsome and a good way to get around town lol.... but if your organs are hurting id think about going to a doctor, to make sure you havnt caused any internal injury.

I think it was from the shock. but I have been working on the rolls and now it dosent hurt. =P

thats always good... ive been doing some jumps and rolls....from about 3 feet high just to practice...only thing that hurts me right now is my pelvis. but i think thats just because im rolling onto concrete lol.....but it doesnt hurt that bad, just a bit of bruising. im trying to get those monkey vaults down now...there kinda tricky tho (im afraid of slamming my face into the ground lol)

push hard down, and before you hit your legs on the bar, or feel a strain on your shoulders, let go.

Oh sounds very delicious. But in all seriousness i googled it and now i know.

slamming your face in the ground wouldn't be to good........lol

lol...i think i kinda got it now, you gotta really punch your shoulders down tho. ive been practicing over the back of my couch lol

LOL OMG i do the same thing! it works! It truely is a good idea!

lol....i also jump onto the couch arms, try to balance, then once i balance for 5 seconds jump down and quickly jump back up......good exercise cause the cough arms are about 3 or 4 feet high

nice I kinda do the same thing. its a lot safer to do when your learning.


It's very impressive when done properly.

I know, I'm in a group called "high vaultage", I hope you notice the pun... Anyway, we are making videos, and are putting together a compilation for youtube!!!

Don't forget to start a thread here when you do. Maybe as an 'ible if you're showing how to do moves?

maybe, i am trying to persuade pat sowers to make his 'ible into a collaboration, or i might just post my own ;)

i seem to recall a bmx-er who damaged his spleen by his constant jumps. eventually, he took a landing too hard, and it ruptured.

reminds me of an episodes of the simpsons where homer is one of those guys who takes cannonballs to the gut.

if you tense your abs, i heard that not only does it hurt alot less, and it also makes a quieter landing

if you hurt when you hit the ground, you need a new method of landing, perhaps roll when you hit the ground

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You're either tensing your stomach etc while bending your knees, legs don't get bothered stomach does. Or your squashing yourself into a tight ball momentarily, either way the guys below seem to have given the right advice already... Used to work in a container yard (tyrefitting at same time) but as a kid I spent most of my day running about jumping off containers of similar height... Little rule if you practice landing on soft stuff or use shock mats etc, get a fold up climbing one they carry like a backpack and give a pretty high safe height, 15' is no problem. Never ever land on something springy like a giant shipping bag (they're big balloons to stop cars etc from hitting the ends of their container) Yes painfull experience going back up and landing on rough gravel shredding your hands, knees, chin and stomach.