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Paint Choices Answered

What color scheme should I choose for the AK-47 I'm making?
Any suggestions?
The original colors would be like a burnt sienna and a black
I usually spray paint the parts separately
here is a pic of the completed model i'm building


I don't know much about painting paper models, especially not guns, but i do know quite a lot about scale models... you could try getting wood grain by dry brushing with brush paints, or even airbrushing it.

ok I finally got the paint
I got metallic silver, grey primer, flat black, and "bright idea" which is just a shade of yellow. 

new pics 064.jpg

8 years ago

Hmm... I'm not sure how to do color schemes all too well, but if I were doing it I would just reference a picture for the correct color.

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It seems you have a good color scheme already but the trick is to make the colors realistic.  You can try your hand at faux painting techniques like adding woodgrain to the stock pieces and handles/grips.  Take a look at instructables member gmjhowe ibles to see how to do dry brush to get that worn gunmetal look.  Good luck.

Yeah..the gun in the pic isn't mine but I could use that color scheme..I was definately going to go for a more realistic look tho..probably using a gunmetal grey..
thanks for the reference :)