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Paint and decorate a bill miller plastic drinking mug? Answered

I want to paint my bill miller bbq mug and decorate it and still be able to use it daily for drinking my tea. Is there a safe non-toxic method?



8 years ago

I've had some experience decorating plastic toys  and gadgets for my children.
If you just want to paint the mug a solid color, use Krylon Fusion Paint for Plastic, (the "for Plastic" part is important) in the color of your choice. The label indicates the paint is non-toxic after it has cured for seven days. I have found it to be durable and chip resistant even on flexible plastic.
Proper preparation is key. Clean and dry the plastic, then lightly rough up the area to be painted with 600 grit sandpaper, just enough to remove the gloss from the plastic, wash and thoroughly dry. Mask off the parts you don't want to paint and then paint the rest in several light coats.  No primer is needed.
If you want to paint decorations on top of the paint, use one of the satin finish colors. and then let it dry for several days.
Using acrylic paint, decorate the plastic and let it dry completely. Finally, give it several light coats of either satin or gloss, clear polyurethane spray paint and let dry.
If you do it right, it will stand up to normal use for a long time.

Krylon Fusion spray paint might work for you, depending on what kind of design you're going for.

For the outside acrylic perhaps. But handwash it gently.


There are lots of food grade paints.  If you are painting the outside you could use enamel or artist's acrylic but hand wash only.

Just don't use any paint with lead.  Even lead paint would be ok as long as you didn't ingest it.