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Paint laminate cabinets? Is this even possible? Maybe reface them? Answered

I have almond colored with faux oak trim laminate cabinets in kitchen and baths.  Would like to update as I plan on selling fairly soon and don't want to invest a lot of $$.  My condo was build in the mid-80-'s and the cabinets look very dated.  I'm not very handy with tools but can manage the simple ones.  Thanks for any advice. Kahy


DIY plastic laminate installation is very difficult.  The hard part is making the cuts fit perfectly.  They have to fit perfectly or the job will really look amateurish.

Call a cabinet refinisher and get a bid.  YOu might be surprised. (In a good way)

Might actually be easier to reface them with wood than with fresh plastic, and might look a lot nicer. (But might cost more.)

A good woodworking store (not Home Depot; someone who caters to folks who want to make furniture rather than doing home repairs) or a serious lumberyard that stocks veneer sheets may be able to give you more specific advice about materials and tools.

Ask yourself whether it's worth the effort. A buyer is likely to look at the kitchen and bathroom with a view to having them replaced anyway. Looking dated may be better than looking badly-painted (you'll struggle to get a good finish in-situ with a brush / roller)



8 years ago

Painting laminates can be done using the right materials and techniques. Here is a How-To from the This Old House website: