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Paintball VS. Airsoft Answered

What one do you think is better, Airsoft or Paintball?


Ya know kiteman, that The Greene was looking for answers or a debate, not your little comments make him look dumb.

If he was looking for debate, he could have used the search function (as I presume you did, to find a month-old comment) and join in the existing discussions.

Man, you are so close you can just reach out and... The comments on this one are amusing.

Haha, oh, the spelling sub-thread is a classic!

Uh, no kiteman I didnt use the search, this is the first topic in the offbeat section of forum topics. If you must correct every little flaw I have and every mistake that I make the The Greene wanted people to debate about his forum topic.

Haha, Kiteman is always driving with his bright headlights on trying to run over moose...and on the incorrect side of the road too, he's a Brit. Knowing that, he is on a mission to educate all youngins on the finer points and proper etiquette of logical discussion. So what does this mean? If he is on the playing field, you had better bring your game. Warn your friends.

Because you can do this with Paintball!


Paintball! Not only do you get to shoot, you can splater paint stuff bright colors.