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Paintball Answered

Hi im making a paintball gun with a blow gun my gun just fits into the pvc but when i pull the trigger it takes long for the ball to come out(i think that it builds pressure in the pipe first)and then sends the ball out and i dosent send the ball far 2meters is the farthest it went so what is the problem.btw i used 100psi


The air must travel into the gun faster, and this can be done with a higher pressure (real, SAFE guns operate at a minimum of 450psi), or a bigger valve.  But trust me, safer and easier to buy a real gun.

ok, i think i understand: your blowgun valve doesn't have enough airflow- it must first  build enough pressure to pop the ball out. you must: get a different valve, like a ball valve, or a sprinkler valve.look up "pnumatic potato gun" on here, and make a smaller or bigger version with your pipe. that should toss a paintball a good 100-120 feet.


9 years ago

what is ur valve?