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Has anyone ever used or repaired a SplatMaster marking pistol? Answered


This is a long shot but has anyone here had experience with SplatMasters?

I bought two of these guns about 15 years ago, second-hand and they have never worked.
They dry fire perfectly but the problem comes when I load a CO2 bottle; it leaks.
Is this a known fault and can it be remedied?

The bottle is punctured on the spike, as it should, then proceeds to hiss and empty immediately.
There was nothing around the spike when I bought them so I tried various items ranging from inner tube to gas o-rings, until I ran out of expensive CO2 bottles.

It may be possible that the gas is seeping from another part of the gun; Any ideas?

Also, according to the photo with the red background I can see that every part seems to be there except a small spring and a ball detent; 

Can I simply make one from a pen spring and a ball bearing?

Any help appreciated as I would dearly love to have fun with these.

Thank You


Doest anyone know where I can find a bottom cap for the co2 chamber? mine is missing and I wanted to get it working again.

I also own one of these paintball guns and have the same problem.
I have tried putting an O ring in behind the spike, but this only helps a small ammount. I got about 20 shots in about twent minutes but it still leaked and ran out quickly.
If you find a solution to this problem, i would be interested.

 It seems as if this type of gun does not have a gasket so that is not the problem ... so I looked at the bottle;  The hole left was bigger than the piercing pin  so instead of being punctured, the whole top of the seal is being pushed in.... according to the link I supplied, crosman make a powerlet with a stronger cap...I have not tried these yet but I will.

It could be a simple case of not locking them in right, they needed to be seated straight and then screw the bottom cap on slow until you feel it about to puncture, then quickly give it a full twist. 

That's from experience with other Co2 powered guns, nothing looks broken in the pictures. If problems persist make sure the spike's not been set too far away from the gasket.


To be more specific, are they usually made of rubber and do they totally cover the spike or just sit below it , like the o-ring that I have on?

The two types I've come across either have a sort of cup that holds the top with a full gasket and others just have a thick rubber gasket it presses in to a bit.

You could grab the cheapest Co2 powered bike pump you can find and take a gasket from that, though there are two types, one uses a shorter fatter canister, it's got a very similar head but I'd find the matching one to be sure.  

 Dear Killerjackalope,

I've tried fast, slow and medium and the bottle can only go in straight but the gasket may be the problem.

This is the simplest paintgun ever so there is not much setting involved ; the bottom left picture is the valve where the bottle is punctured and sits... I'm not sure what should be here, gasket wise;  I have put an o-ring at the moment, put have tried various other things; what is a usual co2 gasket like?