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Paintball gun as a REAL weapon? Answered

So I have this Idea that you could remove most of the paint from paint balls and add ammonia to use as a weapon.


Im sorry I scared all of you. I was wondering if there was ‘reaction’ or distruction of the paint balls. Mostly I fear a situation where society as we know it breaks down and my real guns are taken. Or I haven’t gotten what I need yet, and get creative.
Though now that I think back about the content of this sight, MY make shift weapon ideas seems way extreame. Ammonia is just in a way different game then botatoes and marshmellows. Guess I'll be banned :-)

In that scenario, it would be *far* better and easier to get hold of a decent catapult.


7 years ago

I'm no expert at paintball. But I guess I can give my opinion.

1. Ammonia will dissolve the gelatin based shell, making it either very brittle or very "squishy" and have effects that you don't want that will effect accuracy (when paintballs aren't even accurate in the first place, you're making it worse)

2. If you were to do this, you would possibly need to create a ball of rigid plastic of somesort but still needs to be brittle because you need to remember that depending on your markers/gun's operating pressure of the air that is propelling the ball and the the type of marker you are using will effect the paintball you've created. If you were to do this, I would recommend a pump style marker in order to prevent chopped balls and ball breakage.

3. Now, you wouldn't need ammonia paintballs. You can buy self defense paintballs from Pepperball Tech. they've put pepperspray into a paintball. Bought abunch of Tippmann 98s and Tiberious Arms T8s for their "self defense alternative" Maybe you've seen "Dog, the bounty hunter" on TV. He uses the Pepperballs inside Tippmann A5s.

4. Maybe, you shouldn't have used "weapon" maybe "Self defense"



And this is why we need member moderators. Just sayin'...

A felony conviction will generally prevent you from voting, and make it difficult if not impossible for you to get a job, credit cards, rental housing, etc.

Of course, if you just plan to get yourself shanked in prison, or just shot by police while waving your paintball gun at them, those issues don't really matter, do they?

That would certainly be annoying, especially if the initial thrust burst your paint ball before it exited the barrel ...