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Paintballing. Can you give me tips? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

if you get hit try not to get hit on the face mask because the paint will come through the vents and you will get paint in your mouth i also suggest you stay low and try to blend in with your surroundings dont make a lot of noise and always be alert

Try to use a non toxic paint, as this area can be sensitive. Also a quality brush with natural hair is better than synthetic,and with proper care will provide many applications. You should also stand on your head so that paint flows from the brush aided by gravity, and if possible get someone else to help with the application. Hang on a minute, sorry, I thought you said ball painting.

Learn to play effectively using a pump-action marker that runs on 12-gram CO2 cartridges and has a hopper that holds no more than 40 paintballs. This will force you to develop your aim, stealth, patience and tactics. Then get a decent semi-auto with a big electric hopper and a high rate of fire and pwn the whole dang field.

If you don't get hit at all - join the Army. L

Keep your head down. Take the time to aim, don't just spray everywhere. If there is a single shot selector on your marker, use it. One well aimed shot will beat a spray of ten every time. Stick with a teammate, have covering lines of fire. Also, what type are you playing? Speedball, forest, urban? That matters.

Well a very obvious tactic would be to camp, not like in games where you sit in a corner but actually behind a piece of cover you can't be shot through (it happens). Then you keep your gun aimed out and don't fire unless you can actually see them because wasting paintballs is bad. Of course this only works when you're not the last one on your team and you're defending a point. I did this while covering a narrow bridge and as soon as two people ran out to go across the bridge and into cover, I shot at them and scored two more kills, a bit of a whoopsie on my part was that a fired five shots at the duo and one of the got four paintballs around her neck.

Stick to cover, refill on ammo after every round (I didn't one time, and ran out the next round...), always look around to make sure nobody is coming at you from the sides, stick to the sides of the playing field (because if you go through the middle, you can get shot from either side, but if you go to the side, that is one less side that you have to worry about watching). I've only been paintballing once, but those are some simple things that may be helpful to you in your paintballing career.

Wth! The text isnt showing up! well it says: Well, I need some tips. (What I actually mean is i want to pwn everyone on the field)