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Paintballing Answered

I found this at http://forum.specialopspaintball.com/index.php?showtopic=58518 . I brought this to the Instructables community because some people don't seem to realize what paintball really is. Post you tips and questions and I will either add them to an Istructables or try to answer your questions. But if you click the link and read, you will probably won't have any questions.


Quote: "(Tippmanns) are not as legendary as people say though. If you take a Dye DM5, or Smart Parts Ion, or Shocker, it will perform just about the same. The speedball markers, however, are designed to shoot at incredible rates of fire(ROF)." I finally read the spec ops thing and this is what I see. For all of you who don't know, Tippmanns are completely different than almost all markers geared toward speedball and cannot be compared. Tippmanns operate using a blowback, open bolt design. This design has been flagged as being slightly less accurate and the tendency to have more kick/ barrel rise. It's true that speedball markers are designed to be faster, but also more accurate, lighter, and have better shot-to-shot consistency. Most do not take co2, but run on HPA.

I'm disappointed to see the lack of speedball support here.(And its kinda ironic because the picture is of a speedballer.) Spec. Ops is INDEED a marketing scam. For the most part, they can provide woodsballers with some good gear. But the other 40% of their merchandise is stupid. If you really want to learn about paintball, visit www.pbnation.com . This is a paintball forum that has everything from gear reviews to general information.

and for high quality paintball products try out www.actionvillage.com

wait, people don't know what paintball is? for shame...

How can i find a field near me and how old do you half to be?

Start with a cheap gun so you know that you enjoy it.

generally its 13 and up but theres a tool for finding out where u can find a field near you, http://www.pbreview.com/

theres a thing on that site that shows field near you and review on them, ive used it a few times

But if it's all in the links, why copy it??

And who doesn't know what paintball is?

I've seen some people who say they know everything about paintball and then really don't know jack. Also, should I just edit this and just leave a link?

hen really don't know jack.

I know 3 Jacks, and one of them can lift a whole truck ! :-)

Yes, you shou... oh, you have!

lol, special ops paintball is a huge marketing scam. there training videos are like "you need this to be good, so buy it off our website" you really shouldnt go by special ops. it just wants to make money off you

I agree, I only use it because of how good the fourms are. plus they actually have some nice guns. I've seen them at an arena. They are good

I also joined cause you can get free stuff. :)