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Painting a Floor Answered

I want to paint a dining room floor. Has anyone ever painted a floor, the wood work is dark, any ideas?


Don't paint it if it is good wood. sand an varnish. Otherwise, why do you want to paint this, and what colour? L

I wholly agree with lemonie! A Hardwood floor is sacred and shouldn't be covered up. It was meant to show of the beauty of the wood. While it's a bit more work, the results are worth it. Go ahead and stain it, but don't cover it with paint!


11 years ago

paint from the corner to the door so you dont have to tread in the paint

In other words... Don't paint yourself into a corner. ;)

Go to a real paint store or buy a good brand, and be sure to get a FLOOR paint. Cheap paints won't stand up for long. And while I agree with lemonie that refinishing is best, sometimes wood floors are so damaged that there's no point in refinishing them. Floor paint is usually pretty opaque, but be prepared to do 2 or 3 coats.


11 years ago

I've always heard you should start at the door and paint toward the furtherest corner. lol

I have this book called "Paint Can!" by Sunny Goode and she has some projects in there in which she paints diamond shapes on a hardwood floor to make a sort of harlequin pattern. It looks great partly because she uses these color wash paints that allow the original grain of the wood to show through a bit, and only paints every other diamond. There are a lot of steps to making it happen, so check out this or some other books for instructions -- for instance, cleaning/prepping the floor and the type of paint you use is more significant. Good luck!

Well if it's hardwood flooring, it'll look just horrible and in itself would be a horrible thing to a hardwood floor. If it's like plywood flooring, it won't look tooo bad depending on what colour you're after but I would go after carpeting or refinishing it. If I'm off the actual idea here, correct me.