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Painting a Lawnmower? Answered

Hey guys,

I have an older lawn mower that I want to paint the handlebars, wheel rims, and some plastic pieces blaze orange. It's a gift for my girlfriends little brother who's birthday is in a couple weeks. I was wondering what paint I should use for it? I don't have a lot of money to play with so that is definitely a factor. I have a home depot, lowes, value home, and sears near where I live.

Thanks for any help!


Krylon makes spray paints especially for plastics. The handle bar you'll want to ruff up with some corse grit sand paper before you paint it so it will last.

The handlebar is metal. I was hoping to get some paint that would work for both it and the plastic

The krylon will work fine on the metal as well. Typically spray paint has trouble sticking to plastic which is why there is spray paint specially formulated to bond with the plastic. As long as the surface is prepped correctly the krylon will stick to whatever you spray it on. Below are a couple of pictures from a Cooler Master CM 690 case mod i did. I used the Krylon paint to paint everything. All but those blue vent looking things across the top. Those where hand painted using acrylic paints. But other than that all the black and blue is the krylon plastic paint. Unfortunately i didn't prep the metal at all. This was only an issue where parts where a tight fit such as the optical drive bays. So the paint ended up getting scraped off in those areas. But if you prep it right the paint will last a long while. It's kind of designed to be used on plastic outdoor furniture.



Krylon paint for plastic works exceptionally well on both plastic and metal parts. Just follow the label instructions and you'll appreciate the results.