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Painting a jacket Answered

I tried painting a black cloth jacket with white acrylic paint. I painted two layers of paint on it, which I thought would be enough, but later, it started to fade. And after a wash, it was a pure disaster. So I am planning on painting another jacket, so this time, I want it to be perfect. Any tips to preserve the design, or how to paint it, blah blah??? Thanks a load (if help shows up).
PS I ve added a pic of my jackets current condition


Maybe you should try a paint formulated for fabric, more like inks. The line of fabric paints probably have more of an adhesive property in them. Acrylics leave a stretchy layer that is really not embedded into the fabric and can peel off or crack if applied too thick. You could maybe try the stenciling technique which might bond the paint better. Good luck.

Have a search of the site for "screen printing" - there are loads of different methods around, maybe one is what you want?

k I ll check it out. Thx.

Perhaps you could make a design as an Applique using velcro to hold it in place, that way you could remove it for cleaning. Just an idea.

i like tht idea. thx