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Painting and etching plexi glass? Answered

I'm working on a project to remove the broken plastic around my laptops screen section and replace it with two peices of plexiglass (Both front and back of the screen). with this i have a broken USB port that i can run power lines to two RED Leds to allow to light up an Etch on the plexiglass. but i really want to mask a small square in the middle then  paint he plexiglass black then etch in my logo. but i'm wondering if this is the best way to do it? 

any suggestions??


So you want to etch the front side and paint the back side?

If you paint it be sure to ruff up the surface with some sand paper so it will stick better. You will want to use a spray paint as the plexiglass will show any and all brush strokes. Though i fond an acrylic paint does very good on plexiglass/acrylic. For a few years i had a piece of molded acrylic to cover a broken tail light on my car. Painted it red and you almost couldn't tell it was broken. Until you got up close and saw the brush marks in the paint or saw the tail light on at night which showed off the brush marks really well.

For engraving your best bet by far is to find somewhere with a laser cutter /engraver or a CNC engraver.

Failing that a sharp point and a lot of patience will do the job. Put a print out on the back so you have something to follow.

Although a dremmel may seem like a good alternative I find the speed melts acrylic making a mess.

Really have to slow a dremmel to a crawl that hurts the tool brushes.