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Painting wood (any tips?) Answered

I want to refinish a cabinet, is there a way to make the paint super smooth? (without the ugly brush strokes)


if you can strip off old paint completly, I would recommend Using wood stain or varnish, and then spray with a clear coat (bout 3 coats) {i believe the clear coat is "laquer"}

thanks for all the tips. now how can I get the wood a glossy look? I want to do this in the least amount of steps as possible. it doesnt have to look flawless, but it also shouldnt look too bad. Any suggestions?

Check Consumer Reports online or at the library to find the best quality paint first. The most expensive paint often got the lowest marks, per the last issue of CR I read that contained paints. (Early 2006.) Next, sand the paint smooth or remove the finish. Latex paints should not be put on top of oil-based paints, and vice versa. After blowing off sanding dust, use a damp rag to wipe the area clean and let it dry 4 hours. After sanding, use a primer. This is probably the most important step. Next, the temperature must be 65F before applying most paints. As for brush marks, use a brush to do the edges and corners and hard to get places, then use a mini roller on the rest.


11 years ago

I've had the best results using oil based (alkyd) paint, my favorite is Benj Moore. Many don't like the bother of alkyd but you can't beat the finish since brush strokes disappear as the paint levels during the drying process. Spend the money for a good brush (china bristle). Prepare the surface with "Liquid Sandpaper" a cleaner/deglosser. Clean your brush in Mineral Spirits (only when your project is complete) no need to clean your brush until you're done, just wrap a loaded brush tightly in a ziploc bag, get out most of the air - zip it up - put it in the freezer. It can stay in the freezer (oil paint doesn't freeze) for up to a week, let it warm to room temp before you restart. Happy Painting!