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Pandas: Officially Cooler than Dinosaurs Answered

Only in Mexico, so nothing is hard evidence...


AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Hides under favorite blankey*

Wow, I never saw your comment... weird... I was just kiddin. :D But then again his icon is a dinoaur

Llama! Laughing Loudly and making applesauce

I reported you to Eric. Don't do that.

no. I had a heart attack. You don't know what links people could give. I was afraid it was gonna give me a virus or something.

Wow! I am quite amazed that you are still alive!

ok, well soooorrryyyyy do you think I would give you a virus/trojan/whatever?

Pandabanks cooler than Keithasaur?! That's really the whole secret point behind this thread isn't it?! I'm on to you!!

keith-kid does not have enough search volume for ranking

Wheres your fictional proof now!


9 years ago

acording to this people prefer living over dieing.

this is pretty weird.

and this, people like you more than me.

I hate you!!!!

♪Never gonna give you up♪ ♪Never gonna let you down♪

How do you make music notes

Thank you

Come on! Please tell us! It is not nice when someone keeps a secret for them selves...

What did you say! Please PM me, I won't flag you, or tell anybody what you said, I promise! Please!

he posted a very annoying link that causes a load video to play with a moving window

Yeah, I know, he trapped me on his other comment, I call it a "website trap"...

load = loud