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Pandemonium '12 Answered

KI is down (lolidunno why) so I decided to make this here. We want to do it again this year but don't know when or where yet, probably at the same place as the last few years but that could change. I just want to put this out there so we can discuss or if anybody is interested.

Mainly doing it because I remember DJ and Dunkis saying they'd like to come down for a war this summer, and I was wondering if that was still a viable option for them. And dammit, KILLERK, get in KIchat! :P

Since KI is down it is probably hard for anybody to get to KIchat at the moment. Here's a link for you guys: http://cbe002.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23kichat&server=irc.darkmyst.org

To anybody using an IRC client: server is irc.darkmyst.org, port 6667 (I think, though that might not be necessary), channel is #kichat



Did this ever take off? I can now basically drive myself there assuming I have the money to make such a trip.

Nah we still haven't done it. I know I've been busy with work and whatnot, so my weekends are easily eaten up by that thesedays without any planning ahead. I still want to try and make this happen if you're up to it but it would probably be sometime mid fall or winter, and hopefully I or another of the guys will be able to find an indoor venue for the war.

Ah well, hope we can get something going sooner rather than later, and it'd be cool to add another person to the "knexers I've met irl" list.

Dude it would be so cool if it actually went down. Really my only thing is figuring out how much it would cost to get all the way up there. Maybe if I slept in my car I could probably make it cost a lot less, but gas is still expensive.

i think it would be fun to have an indoor war one of these days it would change what weapons would/could be useful

I could only imagine if someone ends up making a career out of this, K'nex gunning turns into a huge hobby, and someone starts up a K'nex gunning club in some warehouse somewhere holding battles in a custom made arena. That'd be fun.

In the weeks before a war, KIchat is usually talking about K'nex more than other things. If people want to talk about the ideas that we will be bringing to the war, you should come visit.


6 years ago

Its usually in Ohio right? I wish I could make it. You guys all look grown up and sadly I would get owned if i ended up coming. Also, wht with the photoshopped pictures lol?

Man there is no way I could get to Ohio unless there was a generous Knexer in the Houston area. Unless you make it within biking distance I couldn't get there without help and I know my parents aren't going to drive me to Ohio.

You live in Texas, well I live the New England area and Ohio is a little closer than Texas. But Istill won't be able to go.

Lol I used to live in Texas, now I live in New England.

What part of it? Texas is the biggest state in the lower 48. Hey that rhymes.

Lol. I lived in college station, and almost went to TCU, but it was too expensive.

Was that the reason you stopped knexing for a long time?

No, I just do that randomly lol. I moved here when I was 5, so it was a while ago. I live in Rhode Island now.

Oh cool I live in New Hampshire.

Nice man. Well since I'm gonna be around here for a while (I'm going to the University of Rhode Island), I would be glad to come give you a ride to any future pandemonium, so long as you are able to.

Oh man really? That be great except I'm only 13 and my mother wouldn't let me go with a stranger to Ohio alone, unless she knew you. Haha I'd be like "Its for knex pandemonium,can I go" and She'd be like "WTF is knex pandemonium?!" Well thanks for the offer but hey theres always hope right?

Yeah man don't worry. Maybe you could coordinate it with a family trip or something. Plus you'll be 18 in 5 years.

That very nice of you to offer to drive me I really appreciate (Spell Check lol) it.

We are all a family here, man. Anytime.


thats one sexy looking guy right there!

If I only had my own god damn car. >_> If someone just happens to swing down from the ND/SD/Western MN areas and picks me up, I'd gladly go along and pay for gas.

Yea same here. But, I'm not in collage and not allowed to make any major decisions. Lets say a Knexer drove by my area my mother wouldn't yet me go.