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Paper crossbow Ideas Answered

I need Ideas for paper crossbows.Not as complexed as seen on Myth busters, but something nice. Please respond!! I Have Ideas for the barrel- a rolled up piece of paper but the rest isn't creative enough. Or at least could you help me get a barrel strong enough to with stand 5 elastics. If you could, please post up some designs. Or E-mail Them To Me At sockerpro@gmail.com



I wouldn't use paper.... but I did make a bow out of a mechanical and an elastic band and the tip of a paper clip. STICKS IN THE WALL....(I was really bored in math class...)

Laminate paper and glue?

I find tape to be stronger but the lamination wouldn't be a bad idea

Laminations will give compressive strength, tape will resist tearing stresses. Are you making a modified 'T' shape with elastics on the arms of the 'T', winding the elastics under the stock like a diver's spear gun or trying to make the prod/bow work? Have you found a trigger mech that you like?

For the trigger I have one of those paper clincher thingies so I pull the bullet back and have the clamp hold it in place. the only thing is the paper gets weskend after awhile and starts to collapse on itself

You'll need harder paper then : ) If you aren't using glue as a stiffener, then you are going to have to make some of the paper you do have stiffer. Layer up some soaked but not dripping paper then clamp it TIGHT between two boards or other strong, flat surfaces. You are trying to make MDF, so more pressure is best. Now let it dry for a week or so (less if you can stick it in the oven at no more than 200 degrees F/95 degrees C). Then again, if you are using tape, what's the problem with glue?

Its just that the glue will snap if you put pressure on it. the tape is flexible

That's where you need to know the difference between compression stress and tension stress.

Stack the layers like this |||||| on the inside of a curve and like this = on the outside of a curve. The trigger area is buckling because it's trying to curve up and the layers aren't strong that direction.

Oh, and use the strongest/longest fiber paper you can find.

I have only a vague memory of the Mythbuster Crossbow episode. Did they succeed or not?

I think it was plausible. I just watched it the other day


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If u want it painful staple the papper and fold it. I tried this and it goes through 2 pieces on printer papper

Are you talking about the bullets or the actual crossbow?

Because if your talking about the bullets, I weigh them down with paper clips. My mom gets mad at me because now there are nicks all over the walls

Coat it in a thin watered down solution of PVA glue, should toughen it up a smidge, or use a thick cardbourd tube, or is that cheating?

well the idea is a paper crossbow...so i guess it would be