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Paper plane street art mixes 2D with 3D Answered

Really enjoying this street art that looks like paper airplanes that are flying on the side of a building pop off and land in the ground in front. This was done by Said Dorkins in Mexico City.

According to the artist:
"This intervention is a way to make a satirical reflection on the mechanisms of threat and power in which we are engaged, the political farces and scenarios created at the expense of the suffering and disruption of others. You may be asked for some within spheres of power, to destroy people, buildings, communities, as if it were a game, the movement of a chess piece or throw a dart on a cork."

Street Art At Its Best: Said Dokins' Avionazo en la Plazuela



8 years ago

Why must these artists always justify their art with such long-winded prose?  Wouldn't "because it looks awesome" be sufficient?  I guess that doesn't win art grants.

Agreed. I included it because it's pretty ridiculous. That statement takes away from the piece instead of adding to it.

I'm tempted to conjecture wildly thus:

Art must engage with its viewers (/listeners/etc) to be effective, and it seems that in todays world we want topical relevance and logical meaning behind things, even artwork, so would rather have a piece of art that is a literal statement about "now" than a piece of timeless beauty. 

Viewed objectively, a Renaissance painting may be more visually pleasing than a stencil by Banksy or Carlos Zerpa- the art in the latter cases is the statement that they make by the combination of the images and their situation.

I am not an artist in real life but I do play one on Instructables...

In today's world of mass commercialism and shorter attention spans, any shock value will add to the interest of the work of art.  Publicists, critics and lawyers probably came up with the "high Art" description to get some press.  If it gets your head scratching to figure out what the artist meant, the more buzz is generated even if the artist just wanted to express a childhood memory of throwing a paper airplane and nothing else.

I would have went with the Giant Lawn Dart theme impaling a figure on the ground but that's just me saying...